For who?

  • Future professional coaches
  • HR specialists who want to get behind the scene of coaching and promote a coaching culture in their organization

  • Managers, consultants, teachers, lawyers, trainers who wish to integrate coaching skills in their daily practice

  • Everyone looking for a life development experience



Introduction: Why coaching today? What is coaching?  The structure of a coaching session

Competence 1: Meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards – The basic attitude and convictions of a coach, Coaching vs. other professions

Competence 2: Establishing the coaching agreement – Individual and global coaching agreements, Parties’ roles and responsibilities

Competence 3: Establishing trust and intimacy with the client – The main tools to create a partnership with the client and build trust

Competence 4: Coaching Presence – Knowing how to listen, calibrate, and synchronize, The TA and NLP toolbox, Reframing to modify perceptions

Competence 5: Active listening – Working with the “white screen », Reformulation ,  Communicating with the aim to raise positive energy

Competence 6: Strong and meaningful questioning – Asking questions that generate discovery, introspection, engagement or action, Asking open questions that lead the client to identify their own needs

Competence 7: Direct communication – Provide feedback to enhance development, learn to meta-communicate

Competence 8: Creating Awareness – Help client find inner resources, key points and needs, Enlarging the field of vision , Initiating the change process

Competence 9: Designing action – Leading the coachee to action and other available alternatives, Stimulating active experimentation, Encouraging efforts and challenges

Competence 10 – Planning and goal setting – The conditions of a good objective, Searching for resources, Quick wins and the success spiral

Competence 11: Managing progress and accountability – Analyzing successes and barriers, recognizing achievements already made

Competence 12 according to Nova Terra : Brand Yourself – Determine the elements of «Personal Branding », Launch a business – building a clientele, Gaining confidence

Assessment of your integration of the 11 coach core competences according to the ICF  


Module 1: The challenges of the coach

Module 2: Beliefs and Values

Module 3: Body-mind-spirit alignment

Module 4: Managing emotions 

Module 5: Grieving and life transitions 



We have 3 different types of prices:

  • For individuals: 6550€ + 21% VAT
  • For Independants & Sole-Proprietors: 7950€ + 21% VAT
  • For Corporation: 9950€ +21% VAT

If you are located in Belgium ( in the Flemish region) you can benefit from subsidies if you’re an independent or if your corporation pays the training for you.

You can pay all at once with a discount of 5% or in 4 installments.

In this package you have your training classes, the 10 hours supervisions, the syllabus, the exams & the certification of Nova Terra. 

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