Program of the evening

18:30 - New Year's Reception 

19:30 - Celebration of the newly certified coaches 2019


20:00 - Conference by Isabelle Gillet : 

« Out of this World » Coaching: Exploring Cognitive & Cultural  Diversity, Developing a Posture.


- Coaching Along : What do expats, gifted, leaders, and human mind explorers have in common? What are the benefits and challenges? How to connect with those «talented nomads» at a deeper level?

- Coaching Away : Facilitating the deployment of cross-cultural intelligence in individual, social and organizational settings to foster the leadership of self, of others, and that of the relationship context.

- Coaching Above and Beyond : Using the 3-tier Decentration process to set boundaries while thinking outside the box, to hold space for the clients while navigating around their troubled waters.

- Coaching Out of this World : Integrating the systemic, scientific, semantic, spatial and symbolic approaches to nurture an « ethno-logic » coaching posture and multiple perspective-taking competency.

Isabelle Gillet

Is a trilingual clinical anthropologist, trainer and supervisor, coaching and mentoring in French, English, Portuguese. An expert in identity, diversity and human potential matters, she delivers workshops in Symbolic Creativity and talks on Cross-Cultural Intelligence. Isabelle holds a Master's in Anthropology, a Bachelor's in Philosophy, a Post-Graduate Degree in Education, and a Certificate in Gifted Counseling.
She is an experienced transition coach who integrates systemic, narrative, and ethnopsychiatric tools in her method. She is also a Certified Practitioner of the Neurocognitive & Behavioural Approach. Her international career spans 25 years: she conducted European Union programmes in mental health and employment & social affairs for 6 years, then supported US military and diplomats with their expatriation challenges for 14 years while coaching them on leadership soft skills.

In 2015 she founded HEMISPHERES, her private practice named after « the common point between our brains and the world ». She works with individuals, institutions, and peer groups to reconcile intellectual agility with emotional serenity, professional mobility with personal stability.

21:30 - New Year's Party with SALSA Dancing !

               Salsa Workshop animated by Raffaele Di Francisca


As a coach, we often invite our clients to step out of their comfort zone and now it's our turn to do it and why not, in motion!

Indeed, who says celebration, says dance, right?

That's why Raffaele Di Francisca offers an introductory workshop on Salsa and Cuban dances.

You will have the opportunity to learn the basics of this dance that rhymes with sun and to develop a collective choreography in a collaborative and festive spirit.

23:00 - End



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Présenté par Isabelle Gillet

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