Sabine Tobback

Executive Leadership Coach whose passion is future leaders: their personality, cultural values and communication style. Each person is unique. It's all about YOU !



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Sabine Tobback

Master Certified Coach

I grew up in a family owned small medium-sized enterprise, building aluminium structure factories throughout Africa and the Middle East, which meant that the entire family ‘rolled up our sleeves’. As a young graduate, I supported my father's entrepreneurial business, this enabled me to gain living and working experience in these regions. Hard working, self steering, self reliance, result oriented and continuous learning were core values in my education. These values have been important pillars that I deploy as a leadership coach today.

I hold a master’s degree in economics, with a specialization in corporate and human resources management, complemented with evening studies in practical psychology. From ’88 to ’00 I worked in international human resources functions, enabling me to gain extensive experience in employee development, executive coaching, resource planning, evaluation and training.

After working for 12 years as a HR professional in an American multinational (ExxonMobil) and having international experience in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and the USA, I was attracted to work with top entrepreneurs.

Since 2000 I coach entrepreneurs, C-levels, board of directors, leaders and managers on their development needs (vision, leadership, working together, communication, motivation, people management, getting things done from others, conflict resolution, delegating, emotional intelligence, team building etc). I consider every development need as a growth path, a learning journey where I pursue a clear commitment in terms of result ‘no cure, no pay’. Particularly, I coach hard-working talents in their way to the top without a scratch.

My passion for coaching was fed because I myself, as a leader through the many collaborations with other cultures and virtual contexts, experimentally discovered that your thoughts about who you are steer your behaviour today. As a Master Certified Coach, I help in the uncovering of your internal thought process, leading to new insights and other choices. My motto is: “I may learn every day of what comes on my path." I believe that insights precede growth and personal leadership.

In my coachings I put pragmatism, passion for the unknown, goal-orientation, a personal approach and concern for the good of the coachee first. I dare to question my coachees in a challenging and confrontational manner always from a positive intention and only after their permission. Humour and (self-) relativisation have a part in my coaching style.

After the death of my father, a hard-working entrepreneur, I became aware of how hard working can cause death. This prompted me 11 years ago to investigate this further. My purpose? Help unconscious hard-working leaders become conscious hard workers before it is too late. I am author of the management book 'Out of office’: The guide for hard workers to the top' (LannooCampus, 2019)

I am certified in 29 tools such as NLP, Insights, MBTI, Enneagram, Core Talents, Mindfulness, Constellations, Team coaching, Voice Dialogue, …I am also certified E-COACH PRO. Which means I can offer online blended coaching formats as well.

Some of my clients are: Pfizer, GSK, Fortis, Tyco, Sofitech, Amylum, Total Fina, Schering-Plough, ExxonMobil, Dow, Shell, UCB, Phillips, Johnson & Johnson, Mastercard, Cummins, Alcatel Scientific Atlanta, Bristol-Meyers-Squibb, JP Morgan, Henkel, Umicore, Heidelberg, BAT, JSR Microelectronics, Agoria, Process Automation Solutions, Terumo, Brussels Airlines, Amplifon, Lapperre, Weba, Siemens, Deloitte, Mercedes, Dieteren, Delhaize, VITO, Flemish Community, N-VA, Triodos Bank, Isabel, Itineris, IMEC, etc…

Trilingual (Dutch, French and English). I live near Brussels with my French partner where I have my coaching practice. I am also active in several (inter)national networks.

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