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Danilelle MoensOn June the 20th, Danielle Moens of The Centre for Balanced Leadership presented the topic of Balanced Leadership.  Balanced leadership is about recognizing, valuing, developing and using your inner masculine & and feminine qualities. Every individual has a masculine & feminine inner pole. Every human being has the potential to develop and to use them both.  As a leader you have to be able to combine both in order to connect to the increasingly diverse group of employees, partners and customers, and to create followers. You masculine and feminine inner pole are opposite dimensions on a continuum. For example prosperity is more a masculine driver and wellbeing a feminine driver. Competing is more a masculine value and collaboration a feminine value. Depending on the context or the situation, you should be able to make a conscious choice demonstrate the adequate behavior.  Overall there is still an undervaluation of feminine values, drivers and qualities in the dominant culture within companies. Leadership is still largely defined according to masculine competences. This has as a consequence that more feminine or well balanced leaders (both men and women) do not develop the same career paths as their masculine colleagues. Although balanced leaders are appreciated more by their team members.


altThere is a clear need for more feminine energy both in our society and in our companies. One of the main qualities of feminine energy is creating connection, which is a crucial element in our increasingly interconnected world. Developing that balance between masculine and feminine qualities is becoming increasingly important for establishing a more balanced organizational culture in which both men and women will feel included and valued.

Developing the masculine and feminine dimension is important for an individual leader, but also for a team and an organization. Balanced Leadership is also applicable at team level and organizational level. A high level of self-awareness and personal development is required to create this balance. Coaching and creating a coaching culture are indispensable for developing balanced leaders and balanced organizations. 

As a coach it is important to take into account these dimensions and explore the balance of your coachee for his or her personal development. We recommend reading the book “The Balanced Leader” by Michèle Mees, available in Dutch & English on the website

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