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Philippe R. Declercq

Coaching Week 2017

Parlons de votre avenir!
A l'occasion de la Coaching Week, parlons de votre avenir, qu'il s'agisse de votre carrière ou de votre vie privée. Que vous ayez envie de créer votre entreprise ou de partir pour trois ans en voilier avec votre famille. Parlons-en et voyant ensemble comment un coach peut vous accompagner dans ce projet.

Pendant la Semaine Internationale du Coaching, je vous reçois chez moi pour cette conversation, et une tasse de café :)

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer

+32 745 62 62 30

Infos de contact

Philippe R.
Coaching Ways
+32 475 62 62 30
+32 475 62 62 30
Rue de la Filature
Jodoigne (Sainte-Marie-Geest)
Brabant Wallon

Personal Info

Business and Career Coach
Declercq & Associés sprl
Le compagnon de votre vie professionnelle
Philippe R. Declercq is a Senior Coach specializing in career transition coaching, coaching executives and teams .. In his coaching, Philippe helps clients grow by making choices and implementing them in a way that generates success and balance in both their private and professional life.

Throughout his professional life, Philippe has helped its client to identify goals, develop strategies to lead and implement them. His career as a professional information technology, a company director and Executive Search Consultant in a wide variety of businesses has given him an ability to understand the real needs of businesses and teams that drive them.

His warm and accessible personality and approach are encouraging their clients at ease. This allows him to dig deep to find the inspiration needed to plan and achieve its objectives. Philippe ensures that each client asks the hard questions and find the right answers. He knows how to get the best out of customers who are determined to prove their potential.

Languages & Places

Brabant Wallon, Liége, Vlaams Brabant, Namur, Brussels, Luxembourg
Belgium, France, Luxembourg

Coaching Methods

Cyber Coaching, Face to Face, Negotiable, Telephone, Workshop / Seminar, Supervision

Board Profile


Coaching Specialities

My philosophy of the coaching

These two words: “creator” and “value”, I had chosen them at the beginning of my activity of Career management advisor. Already 20 years ago. I wanted to thus address as much to the employer who seeks a person who brings value to his company, that the candidate who finds there a satisfaction of his personal values.

With my practice of coach I changed. The creator of value it is you!

What means these two words today in the exercise of the coaching?

My role of coach is to help you to be the “creator” of your future. By my questioning I help you decide options which are appropriate to you, and of the means and resources to be implemented to achieve your goal of change or improvement.

With “Value” I associate “Sense”: beyond the material values, there is a major satisfaction of the success of your project when your values are satisfied and that has sense for you on a long run.

  1. Corporate Coaching
  2. Small Business Coaching
  3. Personal Coaching = Life Coaching
  4. Career Coaching

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