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By Henri Cnops, Chapter Leader
Dear Members,
For those who could not attend the European Coach Conference in Madrid from 15th to 18th of June 2011, I want to give you a small feedback.  I've booked to the conference very late (end of May) after having heard Sylviane talking about the great keynote speakers.  And indeed it was a total different experience compared to Paris last year, this time worth every €.
We had the honor to have speakers such as Julio Olalla, Charles Eisenstein, John Whitmore and even a Belgian Bernard Lietaer.
When I analyse and summarize the 4 keynote speeches I can say that all of them are heading in the same direction. 
Today we are on the crossroad of fundamental changes.  We are undergoing a major on Political, Economical, Financial, Ecological and Social level.  1% of the population controls more than 50% of the wealth. The model of separation where 'More for me, means less for you' is not valid anymore.  Where very few people exploit the Earth resources (that are needed for next generations) and exploit 'cheap' people, for their own gain. It's not a question of political choices but a question of the survival of the human race. If we don't want to have a total 'disappearing' of the Human race we must think in a way of unification instead of separation.  The model will be 'More for me, means also more for you.'
In this regard all the speakers clearly claimed that we - as 'professional coaches' - have a responsibility to make people (certainly leaders we coach) conscious about the challenges the world is facing and to make them aware of their responsibilities, and to act accordingly.
The coming changes are at the same level as 500 years ago, when Columbus discovered America, Vasco De Gamma India, Copernicus that we are not the centre of the universe, when Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Leonardo Da Vinci did ...  All this happened within a few years around 1500!  You can image what impact this had on everything we believe in, we think of, we do in today’s world. 
For me, It was great to feel during those 3 days in Madrid, that I am part of a group of professional coaches, concerned by our future, and that we can play a key role in that future, due to our profession.
Next year we have the great opportunity to have a combined European and Worldwide Coach Conference.  Yes indeed, the Worldwide Coach Conference will be held in London (after the Olympic Games) from Oct 3rd, to 6th 2012.

It's indeed a substantial investment to go to these conferences, therefore put €100 per month in a basket or whatever system you prefer, and be there, be there to be part of a bigger part then you are on your own.  It will be worth every Pound.  Don't miss the early bird price !
As Dan Pink said at last Autumn conference in Orlando : « People do better when they’re part of something larger than themselves”
See you all in London !
Henri Cnops
Boardmember ICF Belgium
Here-under you'll find the subject of the guest speakers of Madrid, ECC 2011
"From Knowledge to Wisdom". Hundreds of years of believing that accumulating information and learning were almost the same thing, separating the material from the spiritual, excluding the power of revelatory experiences, ignoring the cognitive role of the emotions, of the body, and of sensuality, have caused a profound sense of loneliness and disconnection among human beings. Coaching introduces human experience into our learning processes through the union of the interior and exterior aspects of our reality. It gives us access to a rationality that does not deny the cognitive power of the emotions, while allowing us to play with a plurality of perspectives to approach the infinite complexity of reality. Coaching teaches us to recognize the sacred in Nature and to fill ourselves with gratitude for the infinite mystery and beauty that surrounds us.


"The World to Come". The key theme of his presentation is “Living in the Gift,” based on the idea that primitive societies were structured around the act of giving, of bestowing. Communities and ecosystems are environments of gifts, as is the human body. Even life itself was offered to us as a gift, without our even having wished for it. Any job or relationship that does not distribute its gifts and deliver them to something beautiful will eventually diminish the spirit. To be completely alive and create the miracles necessary for the times to come, we must delve deeper into the spirit of giving. We need to create places where other people can discover and deliver their own gifts. That is the essence of leadership and of the genesis of communities.


"The sustainable future of Coaching". A transformation of the culture of organizations is necessary for the development of sustainable leadership. In this transformation process, the answers, energy, and solutions emerge from within oneself and one's organization. This generates a profound learning process that is personal growth and a move towards trust, openness, collaboration, and commitment. It is the basis of entrepreneurial sustainability. But how will coaching evolve and what might its role be in the future? Coaching represents and symbolizes a social shift from hierarchy toward personal responsibility and is essential in these times of instability. Coaches contribute to people's growth, to their development, and to the future of our society, culture, and planet. That is why it is necessary to consider how coaching is related to leadership, how to reveal the values, intentions, and identity behind a name and a job title.


"The value of money: from competition to cooperation". Bernard Lietaer will share his vision of the current monetary system, which worked well for more than 200 years, but has suffered repeated crises over the past 50 years. It is out of date and unable to resolve today's socioeconomic problems and ecological challenges. The monetary structure causes instability in the financial system and endangers capitalism itself (the productive economy). There will be new structural crises like the current one, which began to develop 30 years ago when the financial and monetary exchange controls were dismantled. Greed and the accumulation of wealth produce a fear of scarcity, leading scarcity to be equated with value. Along with monetary instability, there are other threats that will contribute to making the current status quo even more unsustainable: the aging of the population, the computer revolution, and climate change. In this context, Lietaer will explain how coaching can contribute to avoiding repetitions of crises like the current one and to helping executives to develop cooperative values and attitudes.



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