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Our coach training courses are for people looking to use powerful skills and methods to transform others, recognize their true capabilities and understand themselves further. Whichever course you choose, you are assured a programme which is both strongly experiential and rich in the demonstration of leading practices in coaching.

Our programmes are designed to be intensive, personally stretching, as we help you evolve your capability to develop others.

Whether a short coaching skills course or the internationally accredited Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice, if you are looking to become a coach, use powerful coaching skills and develop others to be the best they can, choose from one of our tailored courses to receive your Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)

The Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice™

The Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice is for those who want to become the most capable professional coaches, accredited by the International Coach Federation. The Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice (CPCP) is a coach-training programme like no other.

It is a comprehensive professional development experience that teaches participants a set of practical tools, techniques and models to coach, and includes supervised coaching and mentoring from experienced Credentialed Coaches.

It is also highly experiential and rich in the demonstration and practice of face-to-face and telephone coaching. It is intensive and stretching and will provoke actions and reactions you may never have imagined or felt before.

We firmly believe it is critical that you are trained not only in the tools and techniques of coaching, but in the art of being a coach. We know that it is the shared learning experience, a great deal of demonstration and practice, practice, practice that will enable you to understand and develop the attitudes, the knowledge and the skills of a professional coach. It can be challenging, amazing, certainly transformative, and a journey of unparalleled personal development.

That is why we fundamentally believe that coach development must be provided though personal contact, allowing you to utilize all your experiences and senses, critical to engaging and motivating your clients.

Coaching is a skill that improves with experience. The CPCP course is practical in many ways, and whilst a lot of theory is covered (you are given a comprehensive training manual) it is the application of this theory that will make the difference between you learning to coach and you being a coach.  We assign you a buddy during your training to support and further enhance your development throughout your training and work with you individually to ensure you are learning and developing in the way that is right for you.

Our course is delivered face-to-face in small groups to give all our trainees the individual attention necessary to learn how to be great coaches and get the most for their clients. After the experiential workshop development, you are then assigned one of our Certified Coaches who will not only give you a more complete picture of how a great coach works, but will set you on your own journey of discovery and achievement.

We have a simple philosophy – to be the best coach, you must understand exactly what your own clients will experience – both their learning and their emotional journey. It is critical that, as part of your development, you are coached to gain this knowledge and understanding.

The CPCP course weaves together 11 main components:

                                   Understanding of the coaching profession

                                   Principles of coaching

                                   Practice of coaching

                                   Life coaching

                                   Workplace coaching

                                   Communication skills

                                   Powerful coaching

                                   ICF core competencies

                                   Coaching and standards and ethics

                                   Building your practice

                                   Sustaining a coaching culture

Our purpose is not simply to provide you with a tool kit of powerful techniques and processes. You will become more skilled in communicating honestly and effectively; you will learn to listen more deeply, actively and intuitively and become more aware of your own perceptions, fears, insights and aspirations.

The CPCP course is very interactive and will require you to have an open mind, be honest and be prepared to share yourself with others. Your collaboration with others will accelerate your understanding and knowledge, as well as provided insights for others. The training of the Certificate in Personal Coaching Practice requires 100% full participation and reflects the very nature of coaching itself: it is fun, supportive, challenging and a truly amazing experience.

It is important that you choose the right coach training provider. If you are interested in the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and want to talk openly and honestly with someone who has been on the course about what they have gained and what they have done, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We will happily support you in gathering the information you require to make an informed decision that is right for you.