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ICF Belgium is affiliated with the ICF (International Coach Federation), a global community with nearly 18,000 coaches practicing in over 100 countries, with nearly 150 local chapters.


By becoming a member of ICF's Belgian Chapter:

1.    You are part of the only internationally-recognized community of coaches in Belgium

2.    You are part of a considerable and constantly expanding network of coaches around the world

3.    You can take part in a wide range of events: monthly workshops, summer universities, European and annual worldwide conferences, and more. These events give you the opportunity to discover new, state-of-the-art coaching techniques and participate in the development of the profession

4.    You will receive regular updates on workshops, training sessions, and certification processes offered by specific chapters

5.    Your credibility as professional coach is confirmed

6.    You can receive support during your certification process

7.    You can meet potential partners seeking coaches

8.    You can subscribe to a reference list provided on and, as soon as you are certified, to the reference list provided on This service puts clients and coaches in contact.

9.    You can join an active local chapter network and participate in the development of the coaching profession in Belgium and beyond

ICF is a leading global organization with over 18,000 members, dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of qualified coaches. Our mission is to support and advance the coaching profession through programs and standards supported by our members and to provide an authoritative source of coaching information and research for the public.