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ICF Belgium's mission is to become "the Home of coaches from every sector." For this purpose, ICF has worked very hard for recognition of the coaching profession and its impact on individuals, organizations and society.

ICF’s principal objectives:

  • to better define the coaching profession in Belgium based on the ICF World guidelines;
  • to be recognized as a quality label to maintain the confidence of customers and members, on objective, rigorous and professional criteria ;
  • to form a professional coaches' community to share,  develop and  advance the profession ;
  • to promote and defend the coaching profession in Belgium and Europe, with  target audiences and  public authorities ;
  • to strengthen relationships with organizations having similar objectives across the world ;
  • to stimulate, support, organize all initiatives which may contribute to the development of values, principles and coaching techniques ;
  • to contribute to community development, to  evolve through participation in community projects ;
  • to get involved in academic and scientific research projects aimed at developing the coaching profession.