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ICF in the world

Founded in 1995, in the USA, the International Coach Federation is the first international association of professional coaches. It is the 

source of recognition and professionalization of coaching in the USA, Asia, Australia and Europe.

The ICF:

  • is present in 128 countries
  • has nearly 200 national and regional chapters
  • almost 26,000 members


In service to humanity flourishing, we choose to:

  • Lead global advancement of the coaching profession.
  • Elevate coaching to an integral part of society, with ICF Members representing the highest-quality professional coaches


  1. ICF Members represent excellence in professional coaching.
  2. ICF is the most relevant professional coaching organization.
  3. ICF has the strongest global brand.
  4. ICF promotes professional coaching.
  5. ICF fosters professional coaching, coaching skills and coaching mindset being an integral part of society.

*The annual international and European conferences for coaching, website publications, "Coaching News", and national workshops are all opportunities to enrich coaching practice.