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Coaching Types of coaching

Types of coaching

It is important that individuals, executives, leaders and members of the businesses thrive in a work environment in which they have mastered all the aspects, including in relation to each other, for taking on responsibilities or strategy change.

Our professional coaching is summed up in 4 points:

Business Coaching (or Corporate Coaching):

Business coaching is intended for companies with a large number of employees, and which are interested in coaching for specific assignments such as:

  • HR or management support for the launch of a coaching activity
  • training managers to become coaches
  • development of coaching workshops
  • consultancy for prevention and employees' welfare
  • team coaching: creating high performance teams, managing difficult relationships within a team.

Business Coaching can therefore bring solutions to specific coaching requirements which fall within the overall strategy of the company.


Small Business Coaching:

Small Business Coaching is intended for companies with a limited number of employees (SME, start-up, etc.) but also for directors and managers of small structures. This coaching will enable and assist them in strengthening the strategy of their own businesses.


Staff Coaching (or Personal Coaching):

As its title suggests, Staff Coaching is not directed to a group but is intended to enhance personal development of an individual both in the work environment and private framework.   Staff Coaching covers many fields of daily life such as:

  • relationships with others
  • striking a balance between professional and private life
  • well-being and healthcare
  • spirituality
  • education     


Career Coaching:

Career Coaching is aimed at anyone who faces a delicate professional situation, whether it is :

  • professional re-orientation
  • decision-making in their careers
  • transition between two functions
  • assessment of current employment situation


Career Coaching can support partners throughout the process of professional change.


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